We only work with specialty coffees *; single-origen, 100% Arabica, products from specific microclimates and areas, using careful production practices and processes. Our range of coffees changes according to the season, and we adapt the roasting profiles to obtain the best from each coffee bean.

* Specialty coffee is defined by obtaining 80 or more points on a scale of 100. These coffees are grown in climates ideal for coffee culture and result in a complex cup with few or no flaws. The flavors are the result of the characteristics of the “terroir” where they have been grown.

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Do you want to work together?

If you are thinking about opening a business with quality products, we offer our experience and product catalog to create a coherent gastronomic concept

  • As machinery distributors, we offer technical support and help in choosing the machines and material
  • Selection of an experienced barista: search and selection
  • Preparation of menu contents and recipes for coffee-based drinks
  • Production of communication materials, information and event organizing


We offer training (for all levels) in each of the disciplines of specialty coffee. We work with the professional in learning the characteristics of each coffee and we keep him informed about the novelties of this exciting world. Our space is open for you to come and try and answer your questions.


Events and tastings

Do you want to differentiate yourself? We’ll help you create an event with quality products, products that you feel proud of because you know where they come from and who has produced them, prioritizing organic and local.


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