Sitio Boa Vista

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Roasted for espresso

Country / Brazil

Region / Caconde

Producer / Celso & Gertrudes

Process / natural

Variety / Red Catuai

Altitude / 1100 -1200 m

Caramel & hazelnut


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Sitio Boa Vista sits atop the Zani Valley Mountain overlooking the city of Caconde. Natural springs, forests and coffee mark the landscape as well as breathless sunsets. Tucked away in one of the mountain’s crevices are Gertrude’s, her husband Celso and their son Denner. All seems in harmony at Sitio Boa Vista with a modest but well equipped coffee drying facitilty that includes a state-of-the-art electronic optical sorter for separation same day of picking. Lilica, a wild but friendly siriema (roadrunner) can often be found playing soccer with Denner on the coffee patio. All these plus details plus a charming and well kept house make Gertrudes and her family model farmers. 

It wasn’t always so and Sitio Boa Vista is one of the pioneer farms working together with FAF in the early days, back when few believed in specialty coffee coming out of Brazil. She does not except that her coffees don’t score well and one of her first investments upon selling her coffee better was a treadmill, ‘to become an athlete’. 


250gr, 1kg


Grano, Molido para espresso, Molido para moka pot