San Jerónimo

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Roasted for espresso

Country / Guatemala

Region / Patulul, Atitlán

Producer / Bressani family

Process / Honey

Variety/ Catuaí

Altitude /1500-1700 masl

Notes of melon and praline


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San Jerónimo Miramar is an ecologically diverse farm located in the Atitlán region of Guatemala.

The owners of the estate, Giorgio and Gina Bressani, treat the environment, employees and their community with great care. Coffee, exotic fruits, honey and dairy are produced on the farm, so that animals are a key part of the overall biodynamic system.

A large part of the estate is a private nature reserve, and it also houses a laboratory to research natural methods to reduce fungi and pests in coffee.


San Jeronimo Miramar SlowMov


Guatemala has five volcanic coffee regions, of which Atitlán benefits from the soil with more organic content. The region’s coffee is grown on the slopes of the volcanoes that border Lake Atitlán.

The area has access to a microclimate influenced by the Xocomil winds, and the cold water of the lake touches the farmland. The ability to grow and process coffee in this region indicates a highly evolved technique and tradition, resulting in a high quality coffee.

You can visit the farm through its instagram page

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wholebeans, ground for moka pot, ground for espresso