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Roasted for espresso

Country / Rwanda

Region / Nyamasheke District

Producer / Mwito washing station

Process / Natural

Variety / Red Bourbon

Altitude / 1347 masl

Notes of tropical fruits and toffee

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Harvested at an altitude of 1347 meters, at the river Kivu shores, Mwito is a fruity, sweet, velvety and full body coffee. It also has a nice acidity that comes across as hints of blueberry and orange peel that leaves no one feeling indifferent.


Coffee is grown in most of the country, but it is concentrated along Lake Kivu and in the southern provinces.

The small Rwanda producers are organized in cooperatives and share the services of the centralized wet milling stations, or washing stations, as they are referred to locally. The blossom happens between September and October and the harvest is from March to July. The coffee usually arrives in Europe between December and February.



1kg, 250g


beans, ground for espresso, ground for moka pot