Luz Helena

Desde: 16.00 

Roasted for filter

Country / Colombia

Region / Armenia, Quindio

Producer / Luz Helena Salazar, Maracay farm

Process / White Wine Fermentation

Variety / Castillo

Altitude / 1400 – 1450 masl

Notes of candy apple and banana

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Additional information

This coffee has been grown by Luz Helena Salazar at the Maracay farm. This batch has been exposed to a 30 hour dry aerobic fermentation.

Then it is placed on raised beds until reaching 20% moisture content, and also placed in GrainPro bags for 80 hours, at this stage fermentation is driven by natural yeast. Afterwards, the coffee is rested on raised beds until ideal moisture is achieved.

This micro-batch is 100% Castillo and was developed by the  Federación Nacional de Cafeteros.



beans, ground for Aeropress, ground for French press, ground for Moccamaster, ground for V60


1kg, 250g, 2kg