La Palma y el Tucán

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Roasted for filter

Producer / Alejandro Ramírez

Process / Honey

Variety / Castillo

Harvest / manual – noviembre 2019

Dry /  camas africanas

Altitude / 1650 m

Panela, lime & strawberry notes

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The LPET farm has eighteen hectares, four of which are still wild primary forests. The fourteen hectares in coffee production are divided into five parcels: Typica, SL28, Sidra, Geisha and Java. These are coffees that will become Estate and Varietals, including the 25kg nano batches of the Heroes series. Also on the farm is the innovative processing facility on La Palma, where they process coffee cherries from the Neighbors and Crops project.

The HONEY process begins with a 45-hour pre-fermentation stage in the wet process. From here, cherries will begin the pulp removal stage, going through three quality control stages before removing a percentage of the skin.

During the drying stage, the coffee will be placed in raised African-style beds for more than 15 days. humidity, the first days will be crucial to avoid the prolongation of microbial activity. Finally, the parchment coffee will go through the mechanical drying machines to finish the drying process.

250g, 2kg


beans for filter, ground for Aeropress, ground for French press, ground for V60