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Roasted for espresso

Country / Burundi

Region / Kayanza

Producer / Incuti washing station

Process / Natural

Variety / Bourbons : Jackson and Mibirizi

Altitude / 1650-1900 msnm

Harvest / June 2020

Notes of white chocolate and honey

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At 1675 meters above sea level the Incuti Washing Station is lower than most of its surrounding coffee farms. This is where flowing water can be found, and is practical for the farmers to bring their cherries from up to 1900 meters above. Once the cherry is delivered it is floated in water to separate the ripe cherries from the unripe or damaged cherries. Once only the best ripe cherries are selected the station will process them.

Natural process– After the cherries have been floated in water they are brought to the raised drying beds where they are consistently turned every hour until they are dried, taking up to 28 days. In the language of Kirundi, Incuti means “friends”, which is the the foundation of the partnership. Farmers get to share information on farming at the station and there is a traceable system implemented by the washing station in order to make sure that premiums get back directly to the farmers after the sale of the coffee. This is a much needed source of revenue due to the relatively short harvest season.


JNP Coffee is a traceable specialty coffee exporter active on the ground providing information to improve coffee processing and farming, as well as paying back premiums to the farmers for successful high scoring lots.

JNP has been actively involved with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance since 2015. The premiums paid to the International Women’s Coffee Alliance members in Burundi have grown exponentially from $80K in 2016 to a total of $250K in 2020.

Another example of a community based program that JNP Coffee supports is the Financial Literacy Program. This program consisting of small groups of about 20 that meet every week and decide on a fixed sum of money that each member can contribute. Once there are enough funds, the group gives micro-loans to its members, deciding on the terms of each loan. By the end of the year, everyone repays their loans with interest, and then the collective interest is dispersed evenly among members, much like a community bank. This program has expediential growth and now reaches up to 3040 rural women.

For Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, the empowerment of women farming in Burundi is essential. In her own words; “When I first started working with farmers, it immediately clicked for me that the way out of poverty in Burundi is to empower women: women give back to their families, they make sure kids are fed and that the things at home are taken care of. When women are empowered, the entire community becomes empowered.”


1kg, 250g


Grano, molido para espresso, molido para moka pot