Eli Espinoza

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Roasted for espresso

Country / Peru

Region / Cajamarca

Producer / Eli Espinoza

Process / Natural

Variety/ Bourbon & caturra

Altitude / 1800-2000 masl

Notes of milk chocolate and tropical fruits aroma


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Additional information

Eli Espinoza is the owner of 4 hectares of coffee in the village of las Pirias in Chirinos. Elí has a few parcels of land spread across the village, some planted mostly with typica, others with caturra and bourbon. Elí processes all his coffee at his house, which sits at 1800 masl and his farms are all between 1800 and 2000 masl. Eli came to the areas a teenager looking for work on farms, and he started out picking coffee in the village. After a while he was able to buy his own land, a house and started working to produce his own coffee. This year Eli has started processing his coffee as a natural after investing in a large solar dryer with increased capacity which gave him greater control over the drying process.

Eli decided to process naturals after some trials in 2018 and having seen that the processing greatly improved the cup score and gave completely different cup profiles to his coffee.The coffee was washed and floated and then skin dried under shade for one day, before being moved to a solar drying tent, where it dried under controlled conditions for 35 days.

Chirinos is a district in the province of San Ignacio and is one of the most well-known areas for quality coffee in Peru. Chirinos is well connected to nearby cities, with new roads and a thriving town, which serves as a hub for coffee buying and trade. Whilst the coffee landscape in Chirinos is still dominated by middlemen and FTO certifications, there is a growing interest in specialty coffee and some of the biggest cooperatives in the area have been promoting quality for a number of years. However, for those producers that aren’t members of coops, of which there are many, there is still little access to market and little support to invest in their farms and improve quality.


1kg, 250gr


Grano, molido para espresso, molido para moka pot