Desde: 13.50 

Roasted for filter

Country / Indonesia

Region / Bondowoso

Producer / Ijen Lestari

Process / Anaerobic fermentation for 4-6 days in bags with water and drying in African beds

Variety / USDA 762

Altitude / 1500 masl

Notes of acacia flower and tiramisu

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The Ijen Lestari cooperative, located next to Mount Ijen, has proven its ability to produce exceptional coffee beans year after year. This batch called Blaufaya has undergone an anaerobic fermentation process that lasted between 4-6 days with the whole cherries submerged under water in bags. After fermentation, the cherries were dried in raised African beds for 20 days, until the optimum humidity level was reached.


1kg, 250g


beans, ground for Aeropress, ground for French press, ground for Moccamaster