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Santa Bárbara


Country / Honduras

Region / San Andrés Lempira

Producer / José Alejandro Vásquez

Process / washed

Varieties / red catuai

Altitude / 1800 msl

Honey, hazelnut and peach notes

Roasted for espresso


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Additional information
Harvesting: Harvest in the right moment, just the ripe coffee in a new bag, depulped after 6 hours of the harvest.
Fermentation: 20 -24 hours
Drying: in screens for 30 days with controled temperatures and a 30 day rest.
Producer’s story:
“I started in 2008 with the cultivation of coffee because it is one of the primary products in the area, which gives us an opportunity of better income for the well-being of our families. And also because it is a food consumed worldwide, selling specialty coffee is an opportunity to show other countries our coffee and get better prices that gratify our efforts through a secure buyer. I would like to continue improving and educating myself with discipline in the whole process of coffee to keep being competitive. I would like to improve my processing infrastructure with screens and to make trials with different processes of coffee to  obtain the best qualities of our coffee”



250g, 2kg