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Kii AA


Country / Kenya

Region /Ngariama, Kirinyaga

Producer /Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society

Process / washed

Varieties / SL28 y SL34

Altitude / 1600-2000 msl

Grapefruit, currant and rhubarb notes

Roasted for filter


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Additional information

The Kii washing station was established in 1996. Together with the Karimikui and Kiangoi washing stations, they form the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society.

In total, Rungeto works with around 3500 farmers who grow their coffee on small plots of land and deliver their cherries to the washing stations. Today, approximately 55% of all coffee production in Kenya comes from smallholder farms. Farmers take ripe cherries to be processed in centralized washing stations, where they are pulped, fermented, washed and sun dried in African beds. The coffee is delivered to a drying station. The parchment coffee produced by the Kii factory, for example, is processed by the Sasini drying station.



250g, 2kg