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Agua Limpa

10.50 51.70 

Country / Brasil

Region / Caconde, São Paulo

Producer / Finca Agua Limpa & Serra do Cigano

Process / Natural

Variety  / Bourbon,  Catuai

Altitude /1200-1340 msl

Roasted for espresso

Almond and chocolate notes
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The Agua Limpa Valley is watered by the Pardo River, which allows an abundant access to pure water. Rigorous classification, controlled drying and development of local fauna and flora have revealed the delicate aromatic notes of this terroir.

Today, the owners of the neighboring farms are making efforts to think of the land as a collective space again. The forests of the farms are being connected to have ample space and crossings for wildlife. Reforesting around springs is bringing back the vitality of several springs and the farmers are meeting together more frequently to join forces in creating a sustainability oriented one-hundred-year plan.

The coffee from this region has a distinct buttery fattiness making its texture rich and creamy. Because of the dry harvest season, the natural fermentations are easy to control and give consistent cups with sweet fruit tones.

The coffee varietals grown on these farms include Bourbon, Catucaí, Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Obatã and Tupi.

Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) is also in the same valley and are neighbours of these farms.


250g, 2kg